Welcome to the homepage of Kunow electronic

Kunow electronic - "Your competent service provider for the development, production and testing of innovative electronic modules, units and systems"

For more than 3 decades, Kunow electronic has stood for

  • strong competence
  • great speed
  • technical lead
  • high flexibility
  • maximum reliability
  • innovative solutions

This applies to both development and production. We want to use these strengths to arouse your enthusiasm as our customers. To this end, we encourage our qualified, motivated staff to undergo constant development along the lines of entrepreneurial action, holistic thought and continuous improvement of the processes in our company. This assures high efficiency in the long term for you as our customer.

In an optimum value chain with customers and suppliers, we fulfil the expectations made of us. One important prerequisite here is open communication as partners with everyone involved in the process: with customers and employees in just the same way as with suppliers and the general public.

We also give central significance to a set of defined values. These include honesty, fairness and trust, the willingness to help and respect of others, a sense of duty and reliability, but also economic behaviour, an awareness of quality and the environment, together with a keen perception of occupational health and safety issues.